Your risk matrix


Please take a moment to reflect on the important points below so we can help you to assess your degree of risk. If you are not in a position to select any of the criteria, you are fully exposed and at risk.

  • We have identified all potential medical emergencies in our area of operation, as well as the type of incidents that could arise.
  • We have clearly identified a Medical Response Team within our organization.
  • Our staff are trained in WILDERNESS First Aid.
  • We have an emergency response plan in place.
  • We have tested our emergency response plan.
  • We have advanced medical equipment on site to cope with a spinal injury and/ or snake bite.
  • We have Wilderness First Aid kits on site, and have verified that the contents are adequately stocked and have not expired.
  • We know where the closest hospital in our area is, how long it takes to get there, and know the condition of their Trauma and ICU departments.
  • We have access to an emergency medical response unit based in our reserve or in close proximity to our reserve.
  • We know what level of ambulance to call in an emergency, and how to access them.
  • We know how to secure a guarantee of payment from our guests' travel insurance.

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