Your risk matrix


Take a moment to reflect on the questions below.

  • Have you identified all potential medical emergencies in your area of operation and the type of incidents that can arise from those risks?
  • Have you clearly identified a Medical Response Team within your sta ?
  • Is your staff  trained in WILDERNESS First Aid?
  • Do you have an emergency response plan in place to prevent error and guide your team?
  • If yes to the above, have you tested your emergency response plan?
  • Do you have advanced medical equipment on site to cope with a spinal injury or snake bite?
  • Do you have Wilderness First Aids Kits on site, and are the contents adequately stocked and still valid (not expired)?
  • Do you know where the closest hospital in your area is, how long it takes to get there and the condition of their Trauma and ICU departments?
  • Do you have access to an emergency medical response unit based in your reserve or in close proximity to your reserve?
  • Would you know what level of ambulance to call in an emergency and how to access them?
  • Do you know how to secure a guarantee of payment from your guests’ travel insurance?