Case Studies

The importance of on-site support

“I would like to thank Africa SAFE-T for all you did to help our little girl. From the time your paramedic arrived at our house, up to the time it took for you to arrange an airlift, it was simply outstanding. The professionalism and genuine care helped to put us at ease (as much as one can put a worried parent at ease). Your constant follow-ups and reassurances made a very terrifying situation tolerable. Now that the fear and anxiety have subsided, I can only look back on the situation with gratitude that your team was involved. You deliver an outstanding service that far surpasses ‘the ordinary’ emergency medical assistance. We will never be able to thank you enough for what you did for our family.”


The importance of access to professional medical care

Gastroenteritis can kill, and so can chasing payment authorisations!

A guest at a remote lodge experienced nausea and stomach cramps, for which she took her own medication. She showed signs of improvement – the stomach cramps and the nausea had subsided. This improvement was however short lived, as barely two and a half hours later she started with a fever and vomiting, and the stomach cramps returned. The AST Incident Management Centre was notified, and activated their medical response unit in the area. On examination, the patient was found to have very low blood pressure and clearly showed signs of severe dehydration and hypovolemic shock…