Immediate and ongoing support when handling medical incidents, ranging from basic ailments to critical medical emergencies.

Services include:

  • On-Site Emergency Medical Response
  • On-Site Emergency Medical Care
  • Telephonic Emergenccy Medical Consultation
  • Remote Tele-medical Advisory Service

24/7 access to a mobile emergency medical care unit (4×4 vehicle fitted with emergency equipment & medication) and emergency medical care practitioner that is stationed at a base in your area. This ensures a rapid response during a medical incident and rapid on-site emergency medical care, versus the average 4-hour response from traditional, urban-based emergency medical care providers. The service fully absorbs your medical liability, thereby protecting your organisation.

The majority of incidents that we manage for our clients do not require an evacuation, as our remote doctor is able to treat the patient on site with the help of your emergency practitioner. In addition to emergency medication, we stock medication to treat common conditions that will not classify as a medical emergency. We also stock essential paediatric medications. We critically evaluate each case, and if it is safe to do so we will treat the patient on site.

Accurate and convenient assessment and treatment of minor and urgent medical ailments (which are often mistreated) by our emergency medical care practitioner based in your area, in collaboration with our tele-medical advisory service.

As a result, your personnel and guests can largely be treated on-site, which avoids significant lost operational time and enhances your guest’s experiences. The service prevents the inconvenience and unnecessary evacuation costs, as much time is usually spent travelling to/ from a doctor in the nearest town and requires a transfer service or your own vehicle and staff.

24/7 telephonic access to emergency medical care practitioners, and accident and emergency doctors. The service provides guidance and instructions relating to emergency medical treatment by your personnel during critical and life threatening medical emergencies. The professional consultant will guide and instruct your first responders in the critical window period until professional medical support arrives, thereby removing medical liability from your shoulders.

24/7 access to doctors and nurse practitioners for professional medical advice relating to common acute (sudden onset) medical conditions. Our medical consultants understand the complexities of medical care in remote settings, and the impact their decisions and advice have on your guests and staff.

The service prevents patients from misdiagnosing themselves and potentially deteriorating as a result of incorrectly treating themselves with over- the-counter medications. This ensures peace of mind for both guests and staff, and avoids unnecessary complications and valuable leisure and operational time being wasted.