Managing medical incidents on your behalf, including support, logistics, communications and administration.

Services include:

  • Incident Management I, II and III
  • 24/7 Tele-support; action plans; emergency evacuation; specialist referrals; hospital admissions; guarantees of payment from insurers; communications; consultation with field specialists; repatriation; interpretation services; accommodation and travel transfers for family; reporting, incident data capturing and analysis.
  • 24/7 Tele-access to Incident Manager: Assessment and modelling of the incident and coordination of services
  • Incident specific action plans: Detailed list of instructions to follow during a specific medical incident
  • Access to global network of emergency evacuation providers: Co-ordination of efficient, timely and safe evacuations from point of injury or illness to the nearest and most suitable medical facility
  • Facilitation of medical and dental practitioner referrals, hospital referrals & casualty admissions: Combining our own experience with key medical partners, we provide referrals to audited medical and dental facilities throughout Africa (including which facilities to avoid)
  • Post Incident Report for critical incidents: Compilation of a detailed timeline and incident outcome, with retrospective critical incident analysis
  • Services listed in Incident Management I above
  • Securing guarantees of payment from insurers: Technical experience and established relationships alleviate intense administrative burden and prevent unnecessary delays in admission and care
  • Communication with stakeholders: Including incident notification and continuous updates
  • Facilitating consultation with field specialists: These include consultations with lawyers, PR/ Communication experts, trauma counsellors, etc.
  • Assistance with sourcing prescribed medication from the patient’s primary physician: In the event of a loss of patient’s medicine, our Incident Management Centre will communicate with the patient’s primary physician and facilitate delivery of medication
  • Services listed in Incident Management I & II above
  • Facilitation of worldwide repatriation: Clearance and transportation for the return of mortal remains
  • Interpretation services: Ensure that we can communicate with our patients in all major languages and without any barriers
  • Sourcing quotations & securing accommodation and travel transfers for family members
  • Incident data capturing and analysis: Compilation of a detailed timeline and incident outcome, with retrospective analysis critical incident with recommendations for potential improvements and optimum efficiency
  • Ongoing case management: Continuous case monitoring of the patients status to all stakeholders until recovery