COVID-19 Lodge Operating Protocols

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a far reaching and devastating impact on the tourism industry. We are now entering a period of recovery, and a ‘new normal’ in the era of COVID-19. The tourism industry has demonstrated resilience, and is bound to emerge at a level that far exceeds the pre COVID-19 era.

We all need to ensure that we are adequately prepared to safely return staff to their workplace and, in your specific circumstance as a lodge/ hotel/safari tourism operator, accommodate and cater for clients and guests.

We have extensively reviewed the recommendations of the World Health Organisation, and our guidelines are therefore based on both local and international standards to meet the unique needs of remote operations within the lodge industry. In certain circumstances, our recommendations may exceed those prescribed for the South African context alone in order to meet international standards.

For your convenience, we have provided these operational protocols via the links below.

1. Protocols, Compliance, Roles & Responsibilities >> Click here to download

What does compliance mean? Are you compliant? Who are your officers and what is the consequence of not taking this seriously?

2. Understanding COVID-19 >> Click here to download

Getting to know COVID-19. If you are not fully up to speed on all things C-19, here’s your A-Z on the virus

3. Arrival & Departure Points >> Click here to download

The only unwelcome guest: The first and last points of contact with your property, and the quickest way to prevent C-19 from coming to stay

4. Monitoring of Guests & Staff Who Are Potentially Ill >> Click here to download

Safety and wellbeing of guests & staff are non-negotiable

5. Guest Protocols & Communications >> Click here to download

COVID-19 is here to stay and we all need to adapt to its presence. Your guests will be arriving with varying degrees of sensitivity, and you need to prepare for the most nervous/ cautious of them. You also need to comply with the law – protocols which have been defined both locally and internationally. You can expect C-19 to become a talking point in guest reviews, and an aspect that will be a big influencer in decision making on where to stay.

6. Staff Protocols >> Click here to download

Your most valuable asset (and also your greatest risk)

7. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Understood >> Click here to download

Although guests may be more relaxed with their masks, staff need to remain vigilant – not just for prevention, but also for compliance and peace of mind

8. Clean, Sanitise, Protect >> Click here to download

Keep the virus out with vigilant practices

9. Standard Physical Distancing, Protection Barriers & Capacity Controls >> Click here to download

Getting every aspect of your property prepared and compliant

10. Area Specific Practices >> Click here to download

Peace of mind to your guests – The lengths we go to to keep you safe!

11. Procedures For Guests & Staff With COVID-19 symptoms >> Click here to download

We’ve got your back. If infection happens in your space, the response is critical. Taking care of your staff and guests is their most basic need.

It’s a mistake to not plan, because the likelihood is that C-19 will come to your door at some point. Don’t run the risk of having to shut down.

12. Track & Trace >> Click here to download

You may be called on to provide a track record of a guest or staff who test positive for the virus after departing. You need to be prepared