Antigen Screen Testing

We have been approached by a few of our clients about antigen test screening for their returning staff, as well as for guests visiting their properties.

We understand the importance of the availability and fast access to reliable, high-quality screening tests, and are committed to supporting you through this now ‘normal’ that we all find ourselves in. We therefore conducted extensive research into the various SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Tests available on the market, coupled with our ability to assist with screening.

The key factors to consider when deciding on which antigen test to use are;

a) Performance of the test in terms of sensitivity and specificity. The World Health Organisation has set minimum performance standards for antigen testing kits at ≥80% sensitivity, and ≥97% specificity.

Sensitivity is the ability to correctly detect true positives in patients who have COVID-19
Specificity is the ability to correctly identify true negatives in healthy patients without COVID-19

b) The reliable and uninterrupted availability of stock.

The three main testing kits on the market compare as follows:

Product               Minimum Order                      Sensitivity               Specificity
A                            1                                                 86.7%                        100%
B                            25                                              96.52%                      99.68%
C                            1250                                           95%                           97.9%

We are able to support you in performing the antigen screen tests. Below is a breakdown of associated costs.In your environment, we need to ensure that an individual infected with COVID-19 is isolated immediately. We have therefore chosen product B as it has the highest sensitivity and specificity, thereby providing the best possible protection in terms of identifying individuals potentially infected with COVID-19. The test can detect specific proteins from the SARS-CoV-2 virus in just 15 minutes!


Bookings are charged at the following rates:

First hour @ R660 Excl. VAT.

Every 10 minutes thereafter @ R165 Excl. VAT

Estimated required time per booking is 5 minutes per individual being screened, PLUS 10 additional minutes per session.


35 screening tests will take approximately 175 minutes PLUS 10 additional minutes = 185 Minutes

Cost per session of R 2,145.00 excl. VAT

Due to the high demand for screening, bookings need to be confirmed 7 days in advance to ensure the availability of practitioners, and to coordinate logistics.


SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Test Kit @ R113 Excl. VAT per kit.

*Repeat tests due to possible false positive will be charged at the same rate.

We hope that you find this service of value, and look forward to assisting you with your COVID-19 screening efforts.

For any additional information, please contact