How it all started

Africa SAFE-T was established in 2006 with the vision of becoming a leader in remote risk and medical emergency management on the continent of Africa and abroad. We strive to be leaders in setting the international standards of remote risk and emergency medical management.

Africa SAFE-T was founded in the Lowveld of South Africa. An Emergency Physician identified the need for an advanced and unique medical solution to reduce the number of fatalities and adverse outcomes due to a lack of medical resources in the area. More importantly it was noted that medical preparedness should play in integral part in the planning and daily operations of any organisation. Since then Africa SAFE-T has built up core expertise in medical risk assessment, capacity building, medical support and response as well as incident management for remote organisations throughout Africa.

At Africa SAFE-T we utilise this collective experience to ensure that, when working closely with our representatives, our clients achieve truly better outcomes when an emergency medical incident occurs, and that true competency has been built in individuals and in the broader organisational system itself.

We pride ourselves on understanding and adapting to the unique needs of our clients. We provide a one-stop solution for integrated remote medical services.  We build long term relationships with our clients by focusing on a unique solution for the individual client.