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Wilderness Emergency Programme

Our Wilderness Emergency Programme Contract is a comprehensive and multi focused product which provides clients with Risk Assessments, Emergency Response Plan Development, Capacity Building, Incident Management and Medical Support and Response services for their remote site. It is the “PREMIUM PRODUCT” of emergency medical preparedness and response.

Africa SAFE-T currently provides this product to top end safari lodges and camps, agricultural and farming clients, anti-poaching units, security companies, park management and individual families located in areas where we have existing bases. These areas include:

Africa SAFE-T is continually expanding its medical support and response operations throughout Africa. We are able to set up a base at the request of a client. However the service is often too expensive for a single small to medium organisation and therefore requires “buy in” from other organisations in the area to allow for shared use of the medical support and response service making the contract more affordable for clients.

This product includes:

Risk Assessment comprises of:

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Emergency Response Plan development comprises of:

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Capacity Building comprises of:

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Medical Support and Response service comprise of:

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Incident Management services comprise of:

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