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Vulnerability (Risk) Assessment

Africa SAFE-T has developed a unique tool to assess areas of our client’s operations which are exposed to medical and other risks.  Our tool visually depicts our  client’s vulnerability to medical risks versus their current capacity to effectively manage incidents that might occur because of these risks.  This tool identifies the areas within an organisation that require attention.  Each remote site is located in a different part of the continent with unique circumstances and  factors to consider. Our tool assesses but is not limited to the following factors:

  • National legislation,
  • Activities,
  • Facilities,
  • Demographics,
  • Area disease/illness profile,
  • Location (environmental conditions, terrain, services i.e. water & electricity)
  • Access routes (road, air and water),
  • Insurance schedule,
  • Incident History,
  • Communications Systems,
  • Emergency equipment and supplies (predominantly medical),
  • Existing emergency response system,
  • Health and Safety department
  • Organisational culture relating to health and safety,
  • Regional Emergency Services, and
  • Regional Medical Facilities.

Africa SAFE-T is able to adapt each assessment to the needs of our clients. We provide site specific, regional, national and group reports. The detail and nature of the assessment is determined by the requirements of our clients. By the end of the assessment process you will have a realistic and clear picture of your vulnerabilities and your current capacity to handle incidents. More importantly you will have a clear road map on how to address the gaps in capacity and reduce the vulnerabilities.


Conducting a VCA and showing employee how to check a BVM