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Remote Essentials Contract

Our Remote Essentials Contract provides clients with Remote Medical Response and Incident Management Services for their remote site.

Africa SAFE-T currently provides this product to top end safari lodges and camps, agricultural and farming clients, anti-poaching units, security companies, park management and individual families located in areas where we have existing bases. These areas include:

Africa SAFE-T is continually expanding to increase the areas in which we provide medical support and response. We are able to set up a base at the request of a client. However the service is often too expensive for a single small to medium size organisation and therefore requires “buy in” from other organisations in the area to allow for shared use of the medical support and response service which make the service more affordable for clients. Read more about our Medical Support and Response Service

This product includes:

Medical Support and Response service comprise of:

  1. 24/7/365 Access to our Independent Emergency Care Practitioner, usually at an Intermediate Life Support Level.
  2. Medical Response to your remote site with our 4×4 medical response units;
  3. Treatment of emergency medical conditions onsite while emergency transportation to definitive care is arranged;
  4. Emergency transportation of patients from your remote site to access points where we can link up with evacuation providers;
  5. Onsite treatment of common minor illnesses in consultation with our remote doctors, therefore avoiding a costly and lengthy evacuation allowing the guest or staff member to remain on site.

Read more about our Medical Support and Response Service

Incident Management services comprise of:

  1. 24/7 access to facilitate telemedicine consultations and emergency medical advice.
  2. Guiding and supporting first responders through step-by-step first aid treatment,
  3. Coordinating all logistics when an evacuation is required. The IMC team liaises with local clinics, hospitals, medical service providers and emergency transportation companies. The IMC also contacts insurance companies to obtain authorisations and Guarantee of Payment [GOP’s] on behalf of the guest or client ;
  4. From initial notification to admission in the hospital, the IMC keeps you informed on the evacuation and admission process at all times.
  5. The IMC provides you with regular updates on the patient’s condition and treatment plan until the IMC closes the case.

The IMC can also coordinate non-medical evacuations in the event of political unrest or natural disaster.

Read more about our Incident Management Service

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