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Medical Support and Response

Bringing Medical Care to You

Why do you need Onsite Medical Response and Support?

  1. The Golden Hour is a well known concept and is critical when managing medical emergencies. The majority of our clients are located in remote areas where it takes more than 3 hours for medical assistance to arrive despite having access to evacuation insurance policies which include access to air evacuation facilities.
  2. We will manage the incident on your behalf and therefore assume full medical responsibility and liability, provided that you follow our instructions meticulously.
  3. For less serious medical conditions patients can be treated onsite which:
    • contributes to a positive guest experience if a guest is able to remain at the facility and continue his/her holiday.
    • means staff can be treated onsite, which minimises the impact of an ill staff member on operations.
    • avoids expensive and unnecessary evacuations for clients and insurers

How do we operate?

  • Africa SAFE-T employs an Intermediate Emergency Care Practitioners on a full time basis who will be stationed in a centrally located base in your area.
  • The practitioner responds to incidents in a 4×4 medical response vehicle equipped with emergency medical equipment and medication enabling them to treat a patient at any location on your property.
  • As soon as an incident occurs, our clients contact the Incident Management Centre where the Incident Managers and doctors will commence management of the incident, and therefore taking over the medical liability.
  • As soon as our practitioner arrives on the scene they examine the patient under the telephonic supervision of a doctor. The patient can then be treated on site, or alternatively be stabilized and supported until an evacuation service arrives to transport the patient to the most appropriate medical facility.
  • The majority of incidents that we manage for our clients do not require an evacuation, as our remote doctor is able to treat the patients on site with the help of your emergency practitioner. In addition to emergency medication, we stock ┬ámedication to treat common conditions that will not classify as a medical emergency. We also stock essential pediatric medications. We critically evaluate each case, and if it is safe to do so, we will treat the patient on site.