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Keeping staff and guests where they belong…


At 8 pm, a guest at a luxury safari lodge was walking to her room. She slipped and lacerated her arm on a rock. The wound was deep and bleeding extensively. The client contracted the services of Africa SAFE-T before the incident. They acquired preparedness, medical response and incident management services.


The lodge immediately contacted the Africa SAFE-T Incident Management Centre, who gathered the necessary information to manage the case.

While the doctor on duty assessed the patient with the help of the client’s trained staff on the ground. The doctor on duty determined that further expert assessment and treatment would be needed on site and our emergency care practitioner, in the area, was activated and responded to the case.

After assessing the patient and while waiting for the emergency care practitioner to arrive on scene, the doctor on duty asked the lodge staff to apply techniques to control the bleeding. The lodge staff were familiar with these skills, as they had recently completed our capacity building programme. The bleeding was controlled effectively.

The emergency care practitioner cleaned the wound on arrival and sent an image of the wound to the doctor on duty. The emergency care practitioner also performed all the necessary neurological and vascular tests, and assessed for possible fractures. These findings were reported to the doctor on duty.

The doctor on duty evaluated the information and consulted with the patient telephonically. The patient gave informed consent to the suggested treatment.

The emergency care practitioner irrigated and cleaned the wound thoroughly. The wound was sutured closed, a tetanus prophylaxis was administered, and the patient was treated with antibiotics to avoid infection as prescribed by the doctor on duty. The guest was supplied with a wound care pack and instructed on how to perform dressing changes.


The injured guest did not have to interrupt her vacation unnecessarily and had a follow up appointment with a medical practitioner 3 days later. She made a full recovery with no complications and enjoyed her vacation thoroughly.

Access to the incident management centre and medical response ensured that the guest could be treated at the lodge avoiding a lengthy and costly evacuation. The guest could therefore remain at the lodge which resulted in positive feedback and publicity for the lodge on social media platforms and travel review sites.

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