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Emergency Response Planning

In the past organisations were encouraged to develop specific checklist-style plans for specific hazards. In your organisation for example there might be separate plans for medical evacuation, fire incidents, wild animal attacks or security concerns to only name a few.

The emergency management industry has made a distinct paradigm shift away from the well-known checklist approach and moved towards a more plan-orientated approach. These plans emphasize incident command system roles from a multi-hazard perspective.

ONE PLAN, that guides ONE TEAM with ONE set of principles. We call this approach an EMERGENCY RESPONSE PLAN

Each possible incident has specific OBJECTIVES, which allow for and guides the adaptation of responses to fit the incident rather than a specific checklist.

For more information read the Emergency Response Plan Information leaflet

Planning ahead of an incident is critical to achieving the best possible outcomes. Africa SAFE-T assists it clients with:

  • Identifying possible incidents that might occur on your property.
  • Selecting emergency response teams.
  • Developing emergency response principles.
  • Creating incident action plans.
  • Setting minimum standards for sustained capacity to manage incidents.

It also prevents errors in response from human behavioural tendencies, such as “confirmation bias”; and illusions of the brain, such as “the invisible gorilla”, from affecting outcomes of an incident.

Africa SAFE-T assists clients in developing Emergency Response Plans for medical incidents, however the tool can and should be applied to fire, security, wildlife, natural disasters, power failures, and more.