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Emergency Preparedness

Ask yourself these critical questions:

  • Do you know which type of medical incidents will occur in your organisation?
  • Are you adequately prepared to handle a medical emergency in a remote location?
  • Will your personnel always respond to a medical or any other incident in a manner that will ensure the best possible outcome?
  • Do you have all the necessary emergency equipment on your remote site for effective incident management?
  • How far is the nearest MOST appropriate medical facility and evacuation service to you, and how long will they take to reach you?
  • In a life-threatening situation will the patient be able to survive until professional medical care arrives onsite?

If any of the answers to the questions is “no” or “I don’t know”, then you are at risk for an adverse event outcome to occur on your property.

Any organization has to operate according to safe and professional standards to minimize the chance of accidents and incidents occurring.

Companies should have a pre-planned system for dealing with critical incidents that may cause harm or loss.

Our preparedness services include:

  1. Medical Risk Assessments (Vulnerability Capacity Assessments)

Our team analysis your operations and we assess what can go wrong on your site. We also determine your current ability is to successfully respond to any incident taking into account internal and external resources. Africa SAFE-T then makes recommendations for corrective measures.

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  1. Emergency Response Plan Development

This service assists clients to identify the types of incidents that can occur on their site/s. We further enable the client to develop streamlined systems, well equipped teams, and effective action plans to ensure all responses are efficient  and achieve the best outcome when these incidents occur.

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  1. Wilderness First Aid Training Programmes

Our training programmes are tailor made for the wilderness and remote environments. We ensure that personnel are able to administer emergency care to patients until professional medical help arrives. The programme is built on the fundamentals of realistic situational training rather than the technical classroom approach.

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Adaptability - Patient assessment in the water

Vital Signs checked during the 10 Minute Phase

Conducting a VCA and showing employee how to check a BVM