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Emergency Medical Equipment Procurement

Medical emergencies in a remote setting require a unique and comprehensive approach, due to the distance from  qualified and comprehensive emergency care. Standard first aid kits designed for the urban user are not adequate in the wilderness setting.

Our kits are designed by a team of Medical Directors, Emergency Care Practitioners, Registered nurses and Remote Field Experts with extensive knowledge gained from their experience in the remote environment. We have custom designed 5 major kits, which address medical emergencies at differing levels of required care.

The colour coded internal compartments of our kits are separated into condition categories. For example ALL the necessary equipment needed to manage bleeding is found in the red pouch and all the  resources for breathing is found in our blue pouch. The correct equipment for specific emergencies are therefore readily available and easy to use. The outer layer of our kits is made of thick durable material to ensure durability in the harsh wilderness environments of the African continent. For more details please contact our equipment sales office