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Capacity Building (Wilderness First Aid Training)

Africa SAFE-T has been providing emergency medical first aid training to clients in remote areas for more than 7 years. Our training is specifically designed for implementation and utilisation in remote environments. We provide responders with the knowledge and skills necessary to support a patient for a prolonged periods of time.

Essential Wilderness First Aid Course (EWFA) Key topics covered in the training include:

Patient Assessments, shock, bleeding, bandaging, advanced bleeding management, hypoxia, artificial ventilation, pulse oximeter, impaired level of consciousness, head injuries, spinal injuries, fractures, burns, wound management, and more.

Course Duration: 3 days (lectures and practical);

Certifications Received: Essential Wilderness First Aid (EWFA)

Recertification Interval: 2 years

Prerequisites: 18 years and older  (16+ with parent/guardian approval)

Accreditation: Department of Labour, South Africa (First Aid Level One)

Course Format:  Course is structured to include  six 3-hour modules, which can be completed over several days to accommodate the client’s operational requirements. i.e. 2 modules per week stretching over 3 weeks OR 1 module per day stretched over a full week OR 2 modules per day stretched over 3 days.

The Assessments are done on a one-on-one basis, which involves an oral interview and skills simulations. Individual assessment takes 20 minutes on the 4th day, and personnel can resume normal duties after the assessment.

Why use Africa Safe-T Training College

Africa SAFE-T’s training programme is constantly being revised and improved and to keep inline with international best practice standards.We facilitate the learning of technical knowledge and skill but also incorporate adaptability and stress tolerance, which are essential when responding to an incident with confidence.

Our courses are interactive with an emphasis on real understanding rather than memorisation. Our courses are presented with a unique “SIX SKILLS METHOD” approach, taking into account real life scenarios and case histories. Read more information on the “Six Skills Method” and its reasoning

Our instructors are passionate and experienced medical providers who are actively practicing as Emergency Care Providers in remote areas. 



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