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Emergency preparedness

Incident management

Medical support and response

Emergency equipment

Case Studies

Survival through Effective Preparedness

At 10pm, a man fell into a campfire sustaining serious burns to the body. The camp were the incident occurred is located in a wilderness reserve and 17 hours by road from the nearest hospital, the local airstrips are also not equipped or capable of handling nighttime landings. The patient was unconscious, had a low blood pressure and was not breathing effectively.

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Keeping staff and guests where they belong…

At 8 pm, a guest at a safari lodge was working to her room when she slipped and cut open her arm on a rock. The wound was deep and bleeding heavily.

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Difficulties of Medical Evacuations

At 7pm, a guide was on a game drive in a wilderness area with guests. The guide was traversing uneven terrain and the vehicle rolled. The guide sustained multiple injuries, fracturing his arm, shoulder blades, ribs, pelvis, and leg.

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